Monday, 2 December 2013

Prank Part II & Crabs...

Sounds inviting right? Thought so. Remember in this page about why I named my blog, how I wrote about this one time when a bunch of us girls were sitting around the table eating crab and thinking of blog names? No Yes is the only acceptable answer. But if you did read it, and somehow forgot, here's the link.

So, after this happened, it was the guys turn to get us back. We were a little paranoid the week after we pranked them, and by we, I mean mostly Ash, haha, but we all were a little worried. So, when on a Friday night, they invited us over for games, we briefly thought they might try to prank the car or something. So naturally we parked the next block over. That was unnecessary. 

So we were all just hanging out when they decided not to play games, but to watch a movie. Gladiator in specific, which I like, but it's not on my Top 10 or anything. But all the guys seemed so excited to watch it, so we reluctantly agreed. Even though they said that we should watch it at Ash & Alena's house. Now this seemed strange, since we were already at the guys' house, but they convinced us to go. It was mostly peer pressure. Stay away from it youngin's!

We went back to their house and came downstairs to this:

No one wanted to go over and open it, so I went over and kicked it. Utter pandemonium.

Ruthless, those guys are. But we made a new friend! "Senor Pinchy". 

Annnd then we ate him the next day. Don't be hatin.

Have a happy Monday!




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