Thursday, 5 December 2013

Stocking Stuffers for the Traveler

Since, Christmas is fast approaching, I thought I'd give you some ideas so that when you leave shopping till the last minute take your time shopping, you can have some ideas for stocking stuffers!

I honestly think one of my favourite parts about Christmas is the stockings. I remember countless years of waking up too early (for some reason I can never sleep too late on Christmas morning!) and slipping downstairs to the fireplace and opening that bundle of trinkets, sweets, and the classic orange at the bottom (I used to almost always put it back - sorry Mom! I love them now!)

There's also something about being the only one awake in the morning, in the quiet, being surrounded by all the lights, nativities, and decorations that makes me feel really grateful. My Mom always puts a ton of effort into our gifts, and I think our stockings are always a way of her showing how well she knows us. Stockings are the best because it's like pre-Christmas. You get to open it up without having to wait for anyone and you get a million little gifts to play with.

Anyway, I really like stockings. I also really like traveling. Put two and two together, and here's your ultimate list of stocking stuffers for the traveler in your life! :)

1. A Buff - Universally helpful. Can be used as a headband, neck warmer, or to protect you from the sun. Personally I like this one from REI. So many patterns and colours!

2. Roll-up Water Bottle - I love these! They're perfect, because you can take them through security at the airport and then fill them up once you get past. Plus, if you ask the flight attendants to fill it up on the flight, they probably will. Then you'll be less likely to suffer from dehydration up in that plane - which is the worst! Vapur in particular has a lot of options in size, design, and use.

3. Eye Mask, Ear Plugs, Self-Inflatable Pillow, etc - Even a pashmina scarf - good for a blanket. Your giftee will be grateful if they plan to sleep on the plane. Something like this is perfect!

4. Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Daypack - How genius is this?! How many times have you had to pack an extra bag for hiking or to use during the day. This is tiny and folds up, so it takes almost no space in your bag!

5. Universal Travel Adaptor - Ridiculously useful. Nuff said.

6. Cool Luggage Tags - Preferably something colourful, so the luggage is more noticeable coming out of the conveyer belt. There's nothing worse than having 12 large black bags come out, and thinking each one is yours.

7. An SD Card - It may not look all that pretty, but having more memory to take photos = more memories.

8. Portable I-phone Charger - I first saw these when I worked at JCrew. Seriously the best idea! So, still rooting for them, here's some super cute ones they have. Just so you know, they have ones for men and women. Here and here. P.S. The Factory store is cheaper, for pretty much the same thing.

9. Money Belt - Since we're getting all fancy over here with SD cards, I figure we should throw in one of these babies. Do you want to go to Europe? GET A MONEY BELT! One of the safest ways to keep your money.

10.  Almost anything from The TinBox - This place has knick-knacks like you wouldn't believe! I saw a super cute travel "first aid kit" there one time. It had ear plugs, lip balm, and a bunch of other little things. It was perfect, but I couldn't find a link. They also have things like this though!

11. Hand Sanitizer - Bath and Body Works is my favourite! They have the tastiest smelling ones on this planet, I tell you! They had a Vanilla Cupcake one a while ago. I loved it so much....and then spilled it all over my carpet two days later. Thumbs down.

12. Journal and pen - One of the things I regret most about traveling is not writing it down enough. If you go-go-go all day, it's hard enough to remember to wash your face, let alone remember all the events of the day! But if you have a journal, it's easier to make time for it!

This one's from the UK, but I'm sure you can find different ones anywhere else!

13. Mini Toiletries - I'm a sucker for these! Whenever I go to a hotel, I end up taking those mini's home with me. I rationalize in my head that I will end up using that 5th shower cap, or mini lotion. But really do I need them?? No. But will I take them? Definitely. Who passes up on freebies? People who aren't smart, obviously!! Still, if I'm planning on traveling a little, having mini toiletries are a life saver!

14. Crossword puzzles - On my way home from Florida this summer, I met a guy on the plane and he ended up giving me his big book of sudoku, crosswords and the like, for the rest of my flight home. It would've been great from the start though! I love playing these games. I like having a little challenge to keep my brain going. I always like to think that when I'm older, I'll be playing these games to keep me young! Like these precious ladies:

I digress, here's the crosswords: (Personally I like this one)

Also I just realized that there are about a billion different themed crossword puzzles from Bugs Bunny to Barbie to the Bible. Whatever floats your boat!

15.  Pocket Travel Guide - What better way to spark your excitement for travel, than seeing photos and reading about it?!

Oh how I'd love to go to Phuket!

Anyways, I hope these ideas helped you!! Stay tuned for my Fitness Stocking Stuffer List!




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