Friday, 13 December 2013

Stocking Stuffers for the Fitness Guru

If you read to the bottom of my post last week, I said that I'd give you a list of stocking stuffers for the Fittie (or Fitness-Freak) in your life. And I come through people! So here it is!

1. I-phone armband - I cannot tell you how much I want one of these! So much easier to wear your phone on a run, than carry it!

2. Hair elastics, bobby pins, headbands, etc - This one's obviously geared towards girls, but regardless, it is extremely necessary. If I go to the gym and I have everything but an elastic, I might not end up going. Or I'll settle for some lame stretching, or light cardio. Still, I think it looks silly if you're hair is down at the gym. It's like those girls who put excess makeup on to go to the gym. You're trying too hard girl. Plus, it'll clog your pores. This is how I feel about that:

I digress...

3. Larabars, LUNA bars, or ClifBars - These puppies are tasty, and fit perfectly into a stocking! Personally I love the White Chocolate Macadamia flavour, but these are probably the tastiest protein bars I've ever had. No joke.

4. Headphones - Who doesn't like headphones that actually stay in your ears while you're running?! These Apple ones are good for a decent price, but if you can splurge, these Bose ones are amazing!

5. Jump Rope - You can get a SERIOUSLY good workout in with a jump rope.

6. Mini Perfume/Cologne and Deodorant - The reason behind this is that it's not nice to smell after you go to the gym. If you don't have time to shower, at least use some of this! Sephora gives out tons! Especially if they're about to close. If you ask nicely, they'll help you out.

7. Sunnies - If you're a hard-core runner who braves the outdoors even in the Winter, these are a great idea! Just be careful, because sunnies don't look the same on everyone. They can look good on you, but might not on the giftee. I've heard great things about Oakley though, so check it out!

8. Tea - Perfect for cold weather, and perfect for cravings. I love having tea when I want some flavour, but don't want a lot of calories or sugar. I'm a supporter of Teavana! Seriously the best tea ever! Sorry all you David's Tea fans. Plus, this White Chocolate Peppermint Rooibos smells soooooooo good!

9. Gift Cards - to Lu Lu Lemon, Target, or Lorna Jane (If you live in AUS).

10. An Orange - See Mom! I do like them now! It's a nice way to start off your Christmas morning, and balance all that chocolate/candy you've already consumed 15 minutes since waking up. ;)

Happy Holidays you guys!! I hope this gives you some great ideas!




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