Friday, 20 December 2013

Fit Friday: The Best 10 Fitness Apps

Apps are a wonderful thing. They make life a buttload easier, that's for sure. So, in the name of helping my friends out, I've put together a list of health apps, that I personally (as in, there's no sponsoring here) love!

1. RunKeeper - So this is a genius app that tracks your runs. It talks to you and lets you know how fast you're going, how far you've gone, etc, etc. You can customize it to say whatever you want. It's a great way to track your progression with running too!

You can download it here for free!

2. Lorna Jane - This one is quite similar to RunKeeper, but as lame as this might sound, I think it's prettier. When I post stuff on Instagram, I like to use this one because I want my pictures to look colourful. You also get an Aussie talking to you during your workout, which seems cooler to me. But it's pretty much the same. I alternate between the two.

You can download it for free here!

3. Tone It Up - If you've been following the blog, my instagram, or you've talked with me in the last half a year, you've probably heard me mention Tone It Up. Karena & Katrina are the reasons I started getting into fitness last year. They make it fun and exciting and have an awesome website and community with lots of motivation and information. I've even met a few girls through the community, and they are some of my best friends now! I usually don't like to spend money on apps, but this one is worth it!

You can download it here for $0.99

4. Blogilates - Similar to Tone It Up, this app gives you loads of information, workouts, and forums. I love looking at her Recipes page! It has a calendar too that you can follow along with - one for beginners and one if you're more advanced! Cassey makes seriously awesome workouts. I found her first when I saw a link to a Gangnam Style Workout on YouTube. Plus she's is hilarious.

You can download the app here!

5. Yogify - I first saw this app from a bunch of girls I was following on Instagram. I only recently downloaded it, but so far I'm loving it. It gives you options for strength, balance, and flexibility for levels 1-3. They give you classes that vary between 15 minutes if you only have a little time or are just starting out, to 45 minutes if you're feeling up to it!

Download the app here for free if you'd like!

6. Luminosity - What?? This isn't fitness related? Actually, it is! Your mental fitness. I think it's super important to give your brain things to keep it going and think about, not only because I study psychology, but because it's a well-known fact! Keep your brain smart! Luminosity has some awesome games that make your mind do something active! You can focus on speed, memory, attention, or flexibility (plus a couple others). The app will customize it to whatever you want.

Here's the app for free!

7. 8Tracks - My girl Hibo showed me this app this summer at work. It's good in many instances, but it's awesome for exercising!! I've used this so many times at the gym. Because sometimes you just get bored of your own music, and I don't always have time to update my iTunes library, so this app has saved me. There's nothing worse than going to the gym and having bad or no music to workout to.

Here it is FO FREE! :)

8. Happier - This one, along with Luminosity, isn't a physical fitness app, but I think it's an emotional fitness app. I'm big into positive psychology, and this app is awesome! It's a place where you share your happy moments and you can read and like other users' too! It's a nice place to look, especially when sometimes you feel negativity around you.

This one's also free here!

9. Nike Training Club - This one is so legit! It gives you tons of exercises specific to the area of your body you want to focus. You can also track your progress, which is a great way to keep motivated! The app gives you pictures and videos so you can follow along. The only thing I don't like about this app is how much space it takes up on my phone. Other than that I love it.

Its free right here!

10. My Fitness Pal Calorie Counter - So the reason this is #10, is because I have mixed feelings about calorie counting. For some people, it really works. For me, it did work, but it completely took the fun out of eating for me. It's not cool when you have to count your almonds you guys. It's easy to fall into the trap of being consumed with your caloric intake. So I stopped counting every calorie. That said, I do think it's important to be calorie-conscious. If I'm about to have a treat, I like to look at the calories (among other things, like sugar) and see what a good portion size is, based on that. Then I can play it safe, while still enjoying myself. This app is also great because it has restaurant nutritional information!

You can get it for $0 right here!

 Hope this helps!! Leave some comments below with any questions, etc. Thanks for reading!

Now drop what you're doing and go workout! ;)




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