Monday, 9 December 2013

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Yesterday was great! After church, I went over to my cousin's new house with some of my family and we had a delicious dinner! Luckily my cousin married a Mexican, so he knows great legit Mexican food. Horchata anyone??

This stuff is SO dang good! 

Anyway, we got to spend some time with them and some other family which is always really nice. Then we watched a Christmas Devotional from our church. I whole-heartedly recommend it! I loved how they talked about giving gifts of service and kindness for Christmas!

 We left early though because my Mom wanted us to visit my Lola in the hospital. Fitting reason right? My Mom is such a great example of service. I'm so glad that she wanted us to go visit my Lola since she's really sick. She is the sweetest little old lady!

Then we came home and finally set up our Christmas decorations!! A few weeks ago my parents bought a new tree, so we put that up and planned to do the ornaments when my sister came home for American Thanksgiving....but then she got all engaged and busy, sooo priorities.

This is what it finally looked like! So pretty! I just love the lights.

I've always loved this nativity set!

My parents and I watched White Christmas. Seriously it's adorable! I wish that people still acted like this nowadays. So innocent and charming.

Here's a little taste:

This song is presh.

The one on the right has been probably my favourite ornament since I was a kid!

Happy Christmas everyone!




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