Friday, 27 December 2013

Fit Friday: Self-Talk

Happy Friday!

Kay I thought this was hilarious. Hope you all had a fun Christmas and indulged a little...or a lot! Tis the Season!

Today I wanted to quickly talk about self-talk. I think the way you talk to yourself in your head can either make or break you. If you want to get healthy, don't go around comparing yourself to others, saying things like "that person is skinnier than me, that person is more toned than me, etc." That will just send you on a negative downward spiral. It's a common thing, I do it too, but what really helps me is if I realize that I'm talking to myself negatively, and quickly change my thoughts. Start saying things like "I want to be healthier and I'm gonna do it/I'm working on it" - and actually do it! You're self-efficacy and self-esteem will improve, as you prove yourself right! Just change your negative thoughts to positive ones. Having those negative thoughts will only discourage you from loosing weight, or becoming healthy.

Watch this video! It gives a great perspective on talking to yourself like you would a friend. The part I really like starts at 6:04, but the whole vlog is great!

Let me know what you think!!

I also saw this video of Jennifer Lawrence, and I just love her, as I'm sure you noticed here, but this is part of an interview she did with Barbara Walters, and I really liked what she had to say. Enjoy!

Have a fab weekend!




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