Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Summer Bucket List Part 1

Something that I've been thinking about recently is what makes me happy and fulfilled. And I found out a big part of that is goals and doing things I've always wanted to try - not that they have to be really big things (like skydiving...still yet to be done!) but either way, that is what makes me happy and content with my life.

Tone It Up came out with the idea of a #createyoursummer bucket list. So I got to it. I put it on Instagram, but could only fit like 5 or 6 things in the picture.

Side Note: a fun fact about me is that I love lists! I love putting all my ideas down and being able to organize and check them off....at least ideally - I won't talk about how little much actually gets done off them usually. But anyway! Naturally a summer bucket list is the best idea. It's the ultimate Try-It-Tuesday! ;)

So here it is in (almost) all it's glory. My 51 item summer bucket list [I left 2 out ;)] :

1. Road Trip

2. Skinny Dipping

3. Campfire and S'mores

4. Outdoor Amusement Park (which makes me wish I lived in Utah by Lagoon - seriously so fun!)

5. Camping

6. Sparklers on Canada Day

7. Beach Day - Sandcastle making is a must.

8. Concert

Backstreet Boys: Check

9. Half Marathon - *SeaWheeze*

10. Boating on the lake....anyone have a boat?? I'll make you cookies!
Plus I've always wanted to learn to wakeboard! So seriously...someone let me know if you have a boat!

11. Pool Party
How sweet would it be to put glowsticks in the bottom of a pool!?

12. Hike

13. Make fresh Lemonade
                                                                   Recipe here.

14. Buy fresh flowers - I'm sure you know how much I love flowers as seen here, here, and here.

15. Buy flowers for someone else

16. Drive-In-Theatre
         Does anyone know of one? I pretty sure there isn't one in the city, but I'm willing to travel ;)

17. Shakespeare in the Park

18. Tie-Dye

19. Movies on the Square

20. Stargaze

21. BBQ

22. Bowling (preferably glow-in-the-dark)

23. Volunteer (Mustard Seed anyone??)

24. Read "Classic Love Stories"

25. Beach Volleyball

Sorry to leave you hanging, but PART 2 will come out very soon! Keep your eyes peeled! ;)





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