Tuesday, 20 May 2014

DIY Spoon Ring!

Hello folks!

The other night I embarked on an adventure of sorts. Now before there's too much suspense, I'll just tell you! ;) I made spoon rings!! (Duh by the title, hahah).

My one friend Jenna loves this Craft Show that comes to town, and a few years ago she bought these awesome spoon rings! I loved them! Then a while later I started to see them pop up all over Pinterest with DIY's. I pinned it roughly two years ago and never did it. Classic.

Anyway, Saturday night rolls around and I'm looking for something to do...other than watch movies online...because as great as that is, I feel lazy after a while - no it's just great. Moving forward....I decided to change up my regular routine of watching TV and decided to do something useful with my time. It's about time! So here is le tutorial:

So, it's pretty simple. Just measure your finger with a piece of paper and then cut that fancy spoon/fork. You can cut the edges in a bit too if you like. Luckily I have a lovely father who used his bandsaw (or something) to cut it for me, but you really only need a small metal cutter. 

Now's the potentially hard part. If you decide not to read all the instructions on the blog then it will probably be harder...not from personal experience or anything....

MAKE SURE YOU USE A SOFT METAL!! I feel like they should have specified this more on the blog, so I'm capitalizing it now so it's not missed. If you decide to use a hard stainless steel, it will bend about as easily as a 95 year-old Luddite. For your sanity, use a soft spoon. You can easily tell by how difficult it is to bend with your hand at first. 

Next, grab some pliers (or two) to hold and bend the spoon into a nice circle. This may take some time, so be a little patient. Or in my case, get a strong man to com help you if the struggle is real. Make sure it's a good fit to your finger and adjust if necessary.

Then all you have to do is use some sand paper on it and scrub-a-dub-dub until it's soft. The pliers might have made a few marks on your lovely ring (but that just gives it character), so nows the time to sand those away.

Here's how mine turned out!!

See my papa working so hard! He's a good one. :)

And there you have it! Spoon rings are awesome! Go make one! Just make sure to follow my advice above.




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