Loafers & Hot Cocoa?

Why is this called "Loafers & Hot Cocoa"?

I was sitting with my friends the other night, around a table of crab legs (I'll explain later), thinking of ideas for names. We wanted to incorporate my nickname Lo into the title. Unfortunately the LoDown was already taken. Many ideas were passed around with the word "Lo" in it. Things like cLOsit - unfortunately the pronunciation was way off. Or maybe Banana LOaf, because I love to bake. My favourite was when my one friend thought of LO-bo-Tommy. "You mean lobotomy?" It was a tempting name, but we decided against it. LOafers & Hot Cocoa was the genius idea of my girl Sherri (Check her out!). 

When I think of Loafers & Hot Cocoa, it makes me think of a nice winter day - snuggled up in your favourite blanket, sitting by the fireplace, sipping a warm cup of cocoa, with your feet warm inside a cute pair of loafers, and fully enjoying the moment. Mostly, it just sounds like being happy and fun, but also relaxed - And who doesn't want that?! ;)


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