Fit Friday

I've come a ways from where I used to be in living a healthy life. From eating too much, then eating too little (I never had a disorder!) and counting calories, to finding a healthy balance. I'm still working on my goals to become healthier. But I've learned lots and I want to share that knowledge with you! The process of becoming healthy can be overwhelming. So many questions! What and how should I eat? How should I workout? How often should I workout? Those are just a few. Here is a place where I plan on sharing what I've learned, to help you make the process easier! Let's get healthy together!

Each Friday, I've decided to share with you either a new healthy recipe, a favourite workout, tips, motivation, or workout music. 

You can follow my fitness instagram @LoRoTIU  <3

Here are some of my favourite links!

The Undressed Skeleton

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Eat Yourself Skinny

Steph Hendel

Anna Saccone - The Style Diet


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