Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Favourite Five: BSB

If you didn't know already, this weekend (number 8 on my summer bucket list) was pretty amazing for me. And it's all because of 5 men. And my sister, asked me if I wanted to go to a certain concert because her husband decided it wasn't his thing (win for me!). Who are these 5 men you ask? The one and only Backstreet Boys!

Let me tell you, they still got it. All of them (as seen here). Howie did a nice booty shake, but sadly I can't find a video. Just Youtube it, and I'm sure you'll find something close. And then there's Nick. Nick has had me, ever since I was 6 years old.

Feel free to read a little overview of how great the concert was here

Anyway, it was amazing. So, here are my favourite five this week.

Favourite Howie:

Favourite Nick:

Age looks well on him, that's for sure.

Favourite Brian:

Favourite Kevin:

He was always one of my favourites.

Favourite AJ:

So now, feel free to go on with your day, preferably listening to BSB. And get excited for their movie. I know I am! ;)

Check out the website here!



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