Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Why Being Single is Awesome!! As Told by GIF's

My Friends! Thank you for stopping by!

Today is an irregular post, albeit still awesome. It has recently come to my attention that there are some out there who dislike that they are single (Obviously not me....)

Do you ever feel like this?

I mean, if I were a guy...

I mean, I'd like to think this:

And if someone doesn't feel the same way,

I will admit that sometimes it would be nice to be dating, but there's no point in whining about it, because let's be real - no one likes to listen to that. Sorry peeps. Best embrace the suck!

Ah, being single....

Some may see it as a burden, but I see it as an opportunity.

To do/have the following:

1. Shaving your legs - optional. 

I'm just being real. No one will ever know except you.

2. Freedom

That's right, travel the world. You can go wherever, whenever. Wanna go teach English in Thailand?? Now's the perfect time to travel!

3. You can be weird and no one will judge you.

Good question Jen, I would also like to know. 

4. Flirt all you want girl.

If you disregarded number 1, your chances may be better. But if you just wear pants all the time, you'll be fine. Go ahead, raise them eyebrows. 

5. You got time fo yo friends!

Among other things you should be spending your time on, your friends are the ones who should be there for you no matter what. When you're single, you got mo time to appreciate em.

6. Them Dollas

Dating is costly. Dates, gifts, spending more money on how you look (you can't wear sweats forever...unless your single!) - these things all add up. Think of all the money you're saving just by not dating!

7. Time

This is underrated I think. You shouldn't be afraid to be alone. Being alone makes you think more. You get to know yourself and you can grow. Find out what really makes you happy (because despite popular belief, being with someone doesn't automatically make you happier).

Or work on some dance moves.

8. Stress Less

Unfortunately in most relationships there will be times of disagreement. What you spend money on, how you act, or being annoyed by the other person. Being single, all those problems cease to exist, making you less stressed.

So my friends, spread your wings and fly! Enjoy being single! Bask in it's benefits, because you won't be single forever! ;)

Peace and Blessings.



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