Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Pranks Part III - What's That Smell?

If you haven't been following since the beginning, here's how this prank war started. So, after this happened, we decided to wait it out a little bit. So two weeks went by, and the guys' guards were down, and naturally the timing was perfect. The hard part is getting into their house, and we didn't want to break in or anything! They told us they were having a "little get-together", so we thought
 we'd swing by and quickly prank them while we were there. Perfect, right? Wrong. We drove up to their house, and a large party was full in motion. 

But, the pranks must go on. So we went inside and quickly hid these. 
(4 of them actually. Frozen. Like my new friends?? They weren't very lively...)

We also grabbed a few feeder fish to distract from the real prank.

They were so cute actually!

So then we hid the dead ones under 2 bathroom sinks, the kitchen sink, and under a couch. We did make sure there was plastic underneath all the fish, in hopes that it wouldn't make a huge mess.

Sadly they found the one under the couch that night, just because they moved them around. And the next day after church, they came home to a stinky smell and found two others. They ended up getting a little upset about it all though, because it ended up getting messy :( and so I told them where the last one was that night. But, we did make their house smell, which was the point. So, was it a successful prank? Debatable.

Happy Monday! (And sorry again for the mess boys!)



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