Thursday, 28 November 2013

Travel Bug Thursday: Why You Should Travel

Hello Everybody and Happy American Thanksgiving!

Hope you are doing well! I just want to say thank you to everyone who has been reading my blog so far! I'm glad that people actually enjoy what I have to say! If you have any requests, or questions, or anything, let me know! :)

Enough mushiness! It's time to talk travel!! I love it and I wish that I could travel for the rest of my life. Permanent nomad? Sign me up. I love that travel is a form of education. But currently I am getting a "formal" education, which I do feel very grateful to be doing. University has really expanded my mind on the world, the ways in which people live, with ideas (I know my views have changed for the better) and has given me the chance to really understand the things of this world. I am by no means an expert, just a happy learner. I prefer learning over studying though any day. I digress...

When I went to Europe for the first time, I was 17, and so I got into a lot of stuff for free! But, I also didn't know as much as I know now about history, art, or culture. Learning about art history now. especially, makes me wish that I'd known what I do now. I did love it though!! But, all the more reason to travel now!

My sister has always been my example to me, and I love that she's spent so much time travelling. She'e the reason I first went to Europe. I'll probably feature her on my blog sometime!

Anyway, a few weeks ago, I found this awesome article on why you should travel while your'e young. I whole-heartedly recommend reading it!! It definitely inspired me to make it more of a priority. "What about my job?" "What about debt?" "What about my boyfriend?"

 Read it and let me know what you think! Click the picture for the article!

"While you’re young, you should travel. You should take the time to see the world and taste the fullness of life. Spend an afternoon sitting in front of the Michelangelo. Walk the streets of Paris. Climb Kilimanjaro. Hike the Appalachian trail. See the Great Wall of China. Get your heart broken by the “killing fields” of Cambodia. Swim through the Great Barrier Reef. These are the moments that define the rest of your life; they’re the experiences that stick with you forever.
Traveling will change you like little else can. It will put you in places that will force you to care for issues that are bigger than you. You will begin to understand that the world is both very large and very small. You will have a newfound respect for pain and suffering, having seen that two-thirds of humanity struggle to simply get a meal each day."


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