Monday, 18 November 2013

Pranks Part I

Happy Monday everyone!!

Mondays are controversial. I know most people hate them, and I'm not saying I don't, but someone told me that that's a sad way to live 1/7 of your life. Good point right?! 
So I hope you're having a good Monday. But, since Mondays sometimes suck (especially when you have to go to school in weather like this!) -

- here's to hoping my immaturity will brighten your day! ;) 
I love pranks! I wrote about my love for it in this post, and I feel like it's a great way to not take yourself so seriously. Sometimes you need to have a little fun in life! Correction: you should always have fun! Ideally at least! 

Soo, there's this pranking battle that happened (and may still be happening...who knows....? ;)). But it all started with this. 


We wrote on the whiteboard of our friends' house that they needed girlfriends...among other things. (It's funnier if you know them).
To which, they then responded by posting this on instagram:

Apparently I like to use hashtags too much for their liking, Ash says "like" too much, and Alena swears she's 18. 

And so, they told us it was on. So, naturally, we took it as an invitation to prank them. Saran wrapping their cars and forking their lawn was our first choice. Sounded great....until it started to snow. Curse this Canadian weather. 
But, it actually ended up working to our benefit. We grabbed some shovels and went to 3am. The things you do for pranks! Good thing it was daylight savings, so we ended up having an extra hour to sleep later. Still I felt like death the next morning. But was it worth it? Definitely. 

This was the glorious outcome of our lack of sleep. 

Front and back doors. We did leave the back screen open so they could get out in the morning, and only piled the snow halfway up that door. We really care. ;) We also made a sign that said payback and put it between the screen and wooden front doors. We walked away from the house with numb, wet feet and cold faces, but with a feeling of satisfaction. Then we saw their cars and decided to put some icing on the cake. 

We wrote things like this:


And this: 

And even this (among other things):

(This ones hard to see, but it says #like and payback). 

Hope this helps with the Monday blues! Have a great day you guys!!



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