Thursday, 14 November 2013

Happy Humpday! Fav Five!

Oh heyy there!

Oh? You say it's not actually Wednesday? Oh, yeah. I definitely meant to post this yesterday. But hey, I get busy! I am human. But, better late than never, right?! Wednesday is humpday, which means we have officially made it halfway through the week. So let's celebrate shall we? :) In honour of humpday here are my favourite five things of the week!

1) Fav Vine:

Penguins are so stinking cute!!

Or this one - 

I just love Harry Potter, and this is hilarious. 

2) Fav Song:

Ed Sheeran, you just melt me. That voice. It's like silk in my ears. (Weird analogy? ...Maybe, haha). 
This isn't the video I wanted, but I had a hard time putting the one I did want on here. Here's the better one. :) 

3) Fav Sparkly Thing:

And it's only $199! What a steal! When I see things like this, it just emphasizes the sad life of a poor student. A girl can dream....

4) Fav Harry Potter Reference:

You guys! How great is this!? 

5) Fav Painting:

Have a great day!!




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