Monday, 11 November 2013

First Post!

Well hello there!

This is my first blog post, and writing it, I feel like I should explain why I want to blog. 

Firstly, I want a place where I can share pranks. I know, you're probably thinking I'm real mature at this point. But don't go away - pranks are great! (Lesbehonest) pranks are fun, and they make you laugh, and they add excitement to your life! At least they do for me, and I love making people laugh. So my hope is that I can make YOU laugh in reading this blog! 

Secondly, I want a place to document the new things that I try. I have a Pinterest board already where I pin how different recipes, hairstyles, makeup looks, etc have turned out. BUT, I feel like I would make a lot more use of Pinterest if I had to be accountable for trying new things. (Then all those hours pinning away would seem a whole lot more productive, because I just have to try some of them - I know you've all been there!) And you get to watch me succeed orrr make a fool of myself. Let's hope for the former! Anyway, that is why I want to create Try-It-Tuesdays

I'm seriously hoping this does not happen. 

Thirdly, I have wanderlust. I think that once you get a taste of travel, you just want more. Like your favourite flavour of ice cream - you just keep licking away, enjoying that delicious, creamy, sweet taste on your tongue...and once it's gone, you might just go for seconds. Or better yet, the taste of delicious Fumo....You've never had Fumo? I would suggest hopping on a plan to Italy right now, just to get a plate - I swear it's worth it! Have the dream, but not the funds? I feel ya. No need to worry, here's the recipe I found from some goddess on Pinterest. I could go on for days, but I digress. Food is just one of the many amazing things you get while travelling. The art and the architecture is unreal! I'm currently taking a course in Art History and I've been blown away by it all. I love finding out why art is made, what was the significance at the time, and why it matters now. And there's nothing quite like actually being in a place like Sainte-Chapelle. Pictures don't do it justice, I assure you.  

The food, the art, the culture. You just need to go experience it. Trust.

                               Source                                                    Source

And lastly, I am in the process of making over my life to be healthy. That includes moderation in all things....hopefully, haha. I started this journey in January 2013, and I've learned a LOT! I'm not perfect, but I have had quite a few people ask me for tips, and I figure a blog is a the perfect way to share them along with motivation and recipes. I love food you guys! Seriously, maybe too, I plan on sharing healthy recipes that actually taste good! Healthy + Tasty = Win-Win in my books. My mom is probably the most amazing chef I've ever known, so I'll share some of her gems too. Plus there's a wedding coming up that I need to get in top shape for. But more importantly, I believe that you need to love yourself (pardon the cliche, I hate them as much as you). I've found that living a healthy life allows me to do that. Here's to motivation and inspiration. You can each live happy and healthy. And it is so worth it. You are worth it. You deserve to give yourself a healthy life. 

So please, folLOw along! Hope that you enjoy, and comment if you have any questions, ideas or requests! I'd love any input! 




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