Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Favourite Five

Happy Humpday, and congrats on making it half-way through the week!!

Here are my favourite 5 things this week:

Favourite Quote:

So, part of me feels like this is a little bit depressing. But the bigger part of me is saying "wow, holy perspective." We only have so much time. Make sure what you're doing counts.

Favourite Store Front:

Le Petit Zinc, Paris. How cool is it that I've been here!?! Ridiculously expensive, but SO worth it! So dang tasty! This is the reason we had Subway for dinner the next night in Paris. 

Favourite Cozy Look:

Don't you just want to have this around your neck?? You would never be cold. It oozes comfort. 

Favourite Hairstyle:

So cute!! And totally doable. 

Favourite Perspective:

Take me to NYC! :) Beauty. 

Have a fabulous day!!




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