Thursday, 21 November 2013

Travel Bug Thursday! Deia, Spain

Happy Thursday All!

So, a while ago I was dreaming away, surfing around TripAdvisor, and found this little beauty!
The pictures stole my heart. I think I could just hike around all day and be in love. How lovely is this!!

This restaurant got 5 stars by all 23 reviews!

Apparently it's run by this little old Chinese lady and her daughter. They make everything from scratch and it's delicious. Apparently the dumplings are amazing! I know what you're thinking though - Why go to Spain to get Chinese food?? 

Well, these reviews told me what's up:

"Who does to Deia and eats Chinese food? It was a completely unexpected and delightful evening meal."
"For our one night in Deia I certainly wasn't planning Chinese, but I am very glad that we found this little gem."
"We have just returned from a week in Deia, Mallorca and we were fortunate to have this 'little gem' of a restaurant recommended to us by a resident who begged us not to tell anyone about it because the locals want it all to themselves and I can understand why."

Nuff said. The menu is cutely written on a chalkboard, and includes:
Seaweed Salad, Hoisin Ribs, homemade Dumplings and Wontons, Stir fry Asparagus w/ Chicken, Noodles with spicy Pork and fresh Vegetables, spicy Eggplant, and Pak Choi w/ Beef, just to name a few. All good reviews. 

Prices range from $23 - $45 Canadian. 

For the History buff, visit the house of Robert Graves.

Who is Robert Graves you ask? Here's a little explanation from my friends over at Trip Advisor:
"The English poet, translator, and novelist may be best known for his memoir of the First World War, Good-bye to All That, and his popular historical novel 'I, Claudius'."

He wrote about his experiences at the front line in the war, which I think would be a really cool perspective. He lived here for most of his life, except when fighting the the World War, and the Spanish Civil War. He married twice, and he and his second wife are buried in a small graveyard here in Deia. 

But, if you don't know anything about him, they play a video that you can watch, about his life and works. I hear the view is spectacular also! It's a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

This is the Iglesia de San Juan Bautista. How beautiful!

Quoted as a "little gem with a stunning view."
You can read more about it here.

But like I said, I would just walk around with a camera if I could and see all of this:

Hoping to go here in the near future!




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