Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Wednesday Favourite Five!

It's that time again! Favourite Five day!

Favourite SUPERfood:

So, I love quinoa. It's a crazy superfood that had caught-on in the last year or so, and people are loving it! Why? Because it's a grain and a protein. Plus, it can be substituted for rice or even pasta sometimes. Either way, I love it. It's nutrient dense, so it helps you keep full! What more could you ask for? Here's a list of some awesome healthy quinoa salad recipes!

Favourite Adventure:

If you don't already know, I really love elephants. Ideally, I want to go to Thailand and ride one. But for now, I'll settle with watching other people love them. 

Favourite Quote:

I grew up always being told to pick my friends wisely, because they shape who you are. And you don't even realize it sometimes. Just goes to show that the people you spend time with have a huge effect on your overall wellbeing. 

Favourite Hat:

I love the brand Young and Reckless. Probably from seeing Drama on all those episodes of Rob & Big, that were just hilarious. You seriously need to check it out. Anyway, his clothes are legit too.

Favourite Cake:

Going along with the whole elephant theme here....haha. Seriously though, how cute is this cake?! I don't have any children that this would be applicable for, but I still appreciate it. 

Have a lovely Wednesday beauties!




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