Thursday, 23 January 2014

A little while ago, I came across this blog/website called I'm pretty sure they actually just started following me on instagram randomly, and so I took a look at what they were about. 

This hub has one of the coolest ideas I've heard of! Basically, they want to help people travel more! (Amazing!) They ask people to write little articles about travelling, and then pay you for them. They want to inspire you. They pay you about $1/1000 article views. That's almost free money! How can you say no?! 

Anyway, I read this article, and I loved how simple it was. Just go, and travel. If you have enough money for a one way flight then go! There are ways to make money while travelling abroad.

Here's her list:

1. Just Do It.

2. Don't Overpack.

3. Be Spontaneous and Expect to Change Your Plans.

4. Meet as Many People as Possible.

 I'm all for helping people travel! So why don't you go take a look at her list of "4 Lessons I Learned After Quitting My Job To Travel The World".




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