Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Wednesday Favourite Five!

Hola friends!! Happy Wednesday! Here are my favourite five for the week!

Favourite Vine:

Post by Best Vines.

SO cute!! I want a dog right now.

Favourite Fitness Product:

The Polar Watch. I've seen this baby allll over Instagram. It shows your heart rate and number of calories burned far more accurate than a treadmill would. It's super personalized. Plus it comes in green, pink, blue, and grey. I'm currently saving up for one!

Favourite Hope:

Favourite Perspective:

Reminds me of this post!

Favourite Travel Location:

My Sister Sadie is there right now!! So jealous! Well I'm happy for her, I just wish I was there with her. But she'll be able to give me the scoop when she comes back, for when I eventually go!

Happy Humpday!




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