Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Happy Humpday! Favourite Five!

Hello all! Guess what?! We've made it half way through the week! Since I'm back in school, I feel like this week has already flown past! All the craziness of buying textbooks, paying tuition, the endless lines for uPasses - it's ridiculous! But all too necessary. So, to take our minds off of all the commotion, here is my favourite five of the week! Enjoy!

Favourite Vine:

Makes me want to go out on my trampoline right now. Oh wait, it's covered in snow like Pompeii was in ash. :(

Favourite App:

So I know I talked about this here, but I did it the other day and I seriously love it! They go through the practices at a great pace and it's a great way to start yoga. I just wish Savasana (the pose where you get to lie on the ground and basically sleep) was longer ;)

Favourite Workout:

My girls over at Tone It Up just came out with a new WO that tones allllll over! ;) It doesn't seem like it'll make you sweat at first, but baby it does! You can get the whole thing here!

Favourite Pretty:

Roses aren't usually my absolute favourite flower, but these are so beautiful! Love the colour!

Favourite Blog:

I don't know if I've ever mentioned this one before, but I think it's the cutest idea! This Dad comes out with adorable parenting tips about each day. Like this:
"Never miss an opportunity to make snow angels together."
Hope you enjoy the rest of your week lovelies! Thanks so much for reading! I love you all who take the time out of your day for me! :) 




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