Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Try-It-Tuesday: The Truth about Pinterest

Pinterest is full of many things. Some might say gems. Others might say dreams of productivity that never actually happen. Pinterest is tricky, because while you're pinning away, you genuinely feel productive. 

"I'm totally gonna sew this Anthropologie inspired dress." (You don't own a sewing machine). "This wedding dress is amazing - and modest! I'm gonna pin it just so I have it when I get married!" (You're not even dating anyone). "This gourmet Hawaiian marinated flank steak sounds amazing! I'll make it tonight!" (You end up making KD...again). 

I'm not saying I'm immune to it. But it's the sad truth. Sometimes I do like to try things from Pinterest - try and debunk the myths. Well, today I'm sharing with you something I've seen floating around Pinterest. "How to stretch your boots."

I'd like to think that my genetics have turned out pretty well overall, but one thing that is a constant struggle is my feet. If you've ever seen my Dad, you understand. He's BIG. He may come off intimidating, but he's really a big teddy bear. I love him, but he did give me wide feet. The sweet guy has apologized in the past for it - unnecessarily though. 

This is when he taught me to BBQ this summer! And yeah, he's big! ;)

Anyway, I got these super cute boots, but due to my wide curvy feet, I had to make some adjustments. I've decided that while I have wider feet, it is something I can live with. And thanks to Pinterest, my burden has been made light. JK, that sounded ridiculous. I'm just saying, I've decided to do something about it! So, I grabbed a few pairs of socks, a hairdryer, and my boots. 

Apparently you're supposed to put a few pairs of socks on and shove your feet into your leather boots, then set a blow dryer on them for a few minutes. Then let them cool with your feet in them. Test them and repeat if necessary.

So I went to it.

Who wants to be my friend?!? I'm super fashion-forward.
As you can see, those socks are already bulging. It should feel tight, and a bit uncomfortable, but it'll only be for a few minutes.
So, while you're using the hair dryer, might as well entertain yourself. I recommend Ellen

I set the blow dryer for about 2 minutes/boot. Let it cool down, till it's no longer warm to touch. 

One recommendation I have is to not let your socks bulge too much around the ankle like I did. It made that part of the boot looser, which was unnecessary.

So what's the verdict?

It works! Although an even better way is to get some of those shoe shapers/inserts. My Dad told me about them while I was halfway through blow drying my shoes. They work better and are a little less painful. But if you're a little stingy or, you just love DIYing things, then this method does work! Now go buy some cute boots! I got mine from Aldo, on sale for only $70 (since I found an online coupon)!




  1. I did this with a pair of flats! It totally works :)

    1. Yeah, I have done it with heels before as well. If you have one of those rice heat bad and put it in your shoe it stretches too.


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