Monday, 27 January 2014

Pranks: Holding Hands and Macklemore

Last semester for my social psyc class, we were asked to break a social norm and get it caught on video. Looking for inspiration, I found this guy - Andrew Hales. 
After watching this, I decided I was going to go around and hold people's hands. Let me just say, doing that takes major balls. (Excuse the language - it's the most appropriate word). I tried doing it on one person, and it got so freaking awkward!! So I settled with just standing and sitting super close to people. Still awkward. But awesome. 

So here is his video of Holding People's Hand. 

Then he did it again:
And again:

Side note - he looks like Macklemore. All the more reason to like him. Oh yeah, and he pretended to be him this one time.

Have a happy Monday!




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