Wednesday, 26 March 2014

A Late Favourite Five. :)

HELLO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! Thanks for stopping by! I quickly just want to thank everyone who has read my post on loving yourself/body and being kind to it and to others. It's my most popular post yet! It makes me so happy that people care about what I have to say and are getting something from it! You guys are the best!!

Now onto the business of the day. But not really business - it's actually fun! My favourite five of the week!! Woo!

Favourite Knowledge:

Seriously! Do it!

Favourite New Band:

TWIN FORKS! I went to see Phillip Phillips last night and they were the openers. Blew my mind. So talented. Plus I talked to them briefly after and they were super chill and genuine - very grateful for their fans. They've only been around for about a year, but I expect them to get big soon. Check em out!!

Favourite Snack Idea:

What, what!? Homemade fruit roll ups!! It's like my childhood!

Favourite Escape:

Currently we're having a second winter. Not cool mother nature. So I like to dream of places like this:

I'd be down for Bermuda. 

Favourite Quote:

I think most of us have heard some variation of this before, but it's true. Celebrate the little successes. And when things are less than ideal, think about how you're growing. :)

Love you guys!



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