Friday, 4 April 2014

Fit Friday! No Dessert Update


I'm so happy it's Friday! The weather is lovely (+9 right now!!), the sun is shining, I'm done all my papers for the semester, and I don't have any homework or studying to do! It's really so lovely. I am having a great day today, despite being sick. :( Colds and sore throats get ya! Oh well, mostly I'm just excited about this weather. I'm sure that if you live outside on Canada, you think that's cold, but trust me, it's amazing. I even saw a guy in shorts and a T-shirt outside today....but that was a bit much though, even for me.

Nevertheless! I'm happy. And I hope you're happy to! If not go outside and feel the sun on your face. It does wonders!

This is basically how I feel...but with more clothes.

On another note, I wanted to give you a 1.5/2 week update on my no dessert challenge! So it's been about 12 days since I stopped eating dessert, and it's actually been pretty good! Trust me though, I HAVE been tempted. I went to a church activity on Monday and they had 5 different types of cookies and a buttload of chocolate milk...drool...That one was hard, so I had to walk away.

Another hard one was after I went out for Zumba on Tuesday, a bunch of us went to Famoso for dinner. I totally forgot that we were going before and I ate dinner before Zumba. So sad. Famoso is amazing. Sooo I decided to have a tasty salad - the Gorgonzola Walnut Salad - it was dang tasty! So I was just enjoying my salad and then everyone wanted to get the Nutella pizza. FREAK! Nutella is my weakness. It smells good, it tastes good, and I'm pretty sure it has comforting properties. Anyway, my friends ordered it and I didn't even have one bite! Lauren: 1 Life: 0.

I was pretty happy about it, although I think the rest of my friends were enjoying it more than I would have anyway...

They' were loving that pizza...among other things.

Anyway, overall it's been good so far. I've found that the less I eat those chemicals and refined sugar, the less I want them...for the most part.

That's all for now! I'll keep you updated!




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