Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Favourite Five

It's favourite five time my friends!!!! :)

Favourite Quote:

Nuff said.

Favourite Game:

If you don't know, I'm a psychology major. Plus I'm very interested in health. Put two and two together and this is what you get. It's so important to keep your brain active...especially by doing different things. If you just do crosswords everyday, that's good to an extent, but you're only using one area of your brain. It's important to workout many areas of it. My aunt is big into brain health, and in fact, she has a website she's re-doing right now. You should totally check it out though! She has a lot of great information and some awesome games and apps. But either way you should click here to try out a game for free! It's from a website called BrainHQ. PS, you don't necessarily have to sign up - you can just click 'skip' instead. 

Favourite Summer Reminder:

Summer is almost here!!! And this picture just makes me think of summer days at the beach. Although those will not be too common for me (living in the city and working almost everyday this summer), I still like to dream! And I'm hoping to make at least one trip this season!

Favourite Living Room:

This reminds me of Mindy Lahiri's apartment in The Mindy Project (funniest show ever). It's so cute and fresh with all the colours and furniture. Although it's not all that practical for men to live might as well do it while you're young! ;) 

Favourite Summer Treat:

Freak this looks AMAZING!!!! S'moreos - I'm going to make this happen sometime...some holiday or birthday so I can actually eat it!

Love you all and seriously, thank you for actually stopping by! You are all gems! ;)



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