Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The 30 Day Challenge

I see this all the time on Instagram and Pinterest. The 30 Day Challenge. It can be for planks, not eating sugar, squats (I might follow a few fitness people on Instagram...), or even photo challenges.

PS. She has some even more awesome ideas on her blog!

The thought of doing 100 burpees right now is nauseating. But, how amazing would it be to say you can do 100 burpees?! You could totally do it in 30 days!

I love this idea, because you only have to commit to something for 30 days. That sounds easy! You can do almost anything for 30 days. Plus, you never know if something will stick, since you're already in the routine of it.

If you do something that's small, it's easier to keep up with it. Do something that doesn't suck up a huge amount of your time. So I wouldn't particularly suggest that you read one book a day, while at the same time running 20km. Unless you have an endless supply of time and are super ambitious. In which case, message me, and I'll feature you on my blog. JK. I don't think that's very healthy. Is it? Do people run 20K a day? Please shed some light on this current situation. I digress.

Anyway! You could develop any talent that you've been meaning to! Now's as good of a time as ever!

You guys know I love TED talks. So, watch this YouTube video that inspired my post! Let me know what you think!

What are you gonna do for 30 days? What's something you've always wanted to do? GO DO IT! Comment below and let me know!

Love you guys!



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