Friday, 21 February 2014

How Does an Olympian Train?

Happy Friday friends!!

I hate to say it, but I've been so lame at watching the Olympics! It's been on for two weeks and I've only seen snipits here and there. Although I have to say I am loving the new sport where they snowboard down those pipes and jumps. So fetching cool! Also, I have to give my hockey ladies a round of applause for their amazing performance yesterday!! I'm so proud to be Canadian! Also, Poulin is a champ!

I do have to hand it to Carpenter from the American team. She had a beautiful shot on us...sadly. But we won, so really, it's not that sad.

If you missed the women's final game, you can watch it here. And if you're strapped for time, feel free just to watch the highlights. I won't tell anyone. Here, here, here, and here are some of the best.

In addition, our boys didn't cease to impress me either. Benn nailed it for us, with a beautiful shot in the second period with the only goal of the game!! Watch the recap here! Now go beat Sweden boys! :)

Last week when I was nannying, we watched the Olympic highlights during dinner, and saw this awesome video on how an Olympian trains. I thought it was so cool! 

Olympians have to be RIDICULOUSLY healthy! Their bodies are machines that have to be in peak condition to perform optimally. They workout so much during training, that they have to compensate with a buttload of calories. Think you got what it takes? Just watch below.

Also this:

I can't even do a chin-up....but it's one of my goals!

And then watch this:

And this, last one, I promise!

I love that these people are being active doing what they love! I hope I can somehow manage to have an active job when I get a real one in the future. Most importantly, I want to find something I love. But I digress. 

Hope you've got some more appreciation for these athletes now! I'm super impressed. Can you imagine eating 9000 calories? And doing chin-up's like that? Holy hannah, that's ridiculous. 

Have a happy and health Friday lovely people(...and don't eat 9000 calories please)! 




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