Tuesday, 25 February 2014

How To Cure A Burnt Tongue!

Happy Tuesday!

Hope you are all doing well! Today I have an unlikely item on the agenda. Most times on Try-It-Tuesday, I would do a recipe or potentially a craft, but today I am testing out a home remedy. Sadly this weekend I developed a cold at the same time that I burnt my tongue trying to sooth my throat due to the cold.

Life: 1 Lauren: 0
Rookie mistake. I was just so excited to eat some of that chicken noodle soup that I took a big spoonful and slurped it on up. Then felt the intense burn and spit it right back out. It didn't help that I was FaceTiming at the same time. Sorry Ashley for the lovely picture!

I was hoping that the burn would go away when I woke up the next morning, especially since I sucked on about 3 ice cubes. But sadly, it was still there. Although, less painful at least! So, I went on trusty Google to find some home remedies.

I got things like sugar (although it only temporarily soothes it), honey, anesthetic ointment, gurgling salt water (the thought of which makes me want to gag), cough drops, mouth wash, cloves (not sure if they meant the spice or garlic?), Advil, ice cream, raw potato, coconut, and even the genius idea of "not drinking/eating hot foods while waiting for it to heal". Thanks to captain obvious for the last one.

But maybe I was a little stubborn, and I didn't want to wait for my tongue to just heal on it's own, The tricky thing is that I'm not only trying to cure (not just sooth) my burnt tongue, but also not aggravate my cold. That kind of rules out anything dairy sadly. I was really leaning towards yogurt, because I read that it's medically the best thing for a burnt tongue. So I immediately took an Advil after breakfast and set out to find what actually worked!

I figured Advil would immediately help with the pain, mouthwash would also help with the cold, and cough drops were a two-birds-with-one-stone kind of remedy.

I noticed quickly that the Advil lessened the pain, although did not completely alleviate it. The only thing mouthwash did was give me fresh breath - but I guess I can't complain about that.

While I was looking through my medicine cabinets, I remembered this spray that I used a few years back when I had a wicked sore throat. And I found it!! I figured that if it could numb my throat, it could numb my tongue. And numb my tongue it did! Sweet, sweet relief. I could still feel the burn, but only if I pressed my tongue to the roof of my mouth - and even then, it was very minimal. It took about 5 minuted for the full effect to kick in, but it was glorious soothing. I found that you have to reapply it after a few hours, but that may be just because it had a best before date of 2010....(I swear I didn't have it that long ago!)...anyway, it still works! Just make sure to get an anesthetic oral spray of some sort.

Look! I tried out photoshop for the first time and made this cute handy-dandy guide for you!

And if for some reason, the above don't work well enough (they should if you actually use it before the best-before date), it's a good excuse to eat ice cream for a whole day. ;) No judgement coming from me! 

Happy Tuesday friends, and may you never have to deal with a burnt tongue!




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