Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Try-it-Tuesday: Strawberry and Apple Juicing!

I don't know what it is about juicing, but it has kind of freaked me out ever since I wanted to try it. Maybe it's because most recipes I found told me to go get roots and extracts that I had never heard about. Hard. Pass.

Or, maybe it's because the machine itself is a beast. And not in the cute way that Maleficent says it. It actually has so many pieces, and I don't know what goes in where, and what comes out of where. Anyway, it freaked me out. You can see how gigantic it is below.

But then the other day, I was reading one of my favourite books called "Who Will Cry When You Die?" and it said to try juicing. It's also #47 on my summer bucket list, so I figured I'd give it a try, seeing as it was my day off.

We have a juicer at home, but I hadn't ever used it, mostly because I forgot it was there (and the above reasons). But I dug it out, blew some dust off and got to work.

Let me just say that it looks way more intimidating than it is! It's seriously the easiest thing ever, and takes roughly 30 seconds, minus cleaning time (which is only a few minutes). I just made a simple apple and strawberry juice, like Robin Sharma suggested in the book.

(Don't mind the post-workout sweatiness....)

It was delicious! All I did was core and cut up an apple and take the ends off of about 7-9 strawberries. Drop the into the juicer and the juice starts coming! It's great! Or maybe I'm just weirdly excited. 

Make sure that you put your glass under the spout before you start juicing though ;) ANNNND, it tastes a million times better if you put some ice in the glass and mix it around so it gets cooler. 

So there you have it! Now you should all go out and try juicing! It's so cool! And of course, delicious. 

Happy Juicing!!




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