Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Favourite Five: Men's Style

Hello lovelies!

It's that time again! Also, I realize that I didn't post last week, sooo sorry!

Moving forward! This weeks post is all about men's style. To me, if a man dresses well, I find it extremely attractive. Even though I don't have a man-friend right now, Pinterest keeps me happily hoping with lovely photos. This week, I thought I'd share.

To be clear - when I say "favourite" in this post, it means one among many. But anyways.....

Favourite Formal Wear:

Favourite Casual Wear:

Favourite Aging:

I know that phrase sounded weird, but let's all get over it. 


I believe you can still look handsome, even when you've aged. Case and point. 

Favourite Shoes:

Favourite Accessory:

Okay, I get that a motorcycle isn't exactly an accessory to clothing, but regardless I find it attractive. If you want a legit clothing accessory, a nice tie is a win for me.

Happy Wednesday!




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